In this section you’ll find a basic introduction to the most important guitar techniques you need to master.

Right Hand Position
Demonstration of different right hand picking positions.

Position Playing Versus Diagonal Playing
Introduction to how left hand positions are different on jazz guitar compared to the classical nylon string guitar approach.

Muting Unwanted Notes
Muting strings you don’t want ringing is an essential technique to master to have your playing sound clear, clean and professional.

Left Hand Vibrato
The basics of a good left hand vibrato technique, essential to make the guitar “sing”.

Thumb Technique
Using the right hand thumb instead of pick, Wes Montgomery/George Benson style.

Octaves Technique
Basic approach, and some nuances you may not be aware of when it comes to playing octaves like Wes Montgomery.

Natural Harmonics
Basic introduction to natural harmonics, and how to play them. Plus some very cool little “tricks” that you can do.

Artificial Harmonics
How to play artificial hamonics, and how to mix them with regular notes in chords.

Important lesson on phrasing, drilling one particular kind of trill, and work on time and rhythmic figures.

Left Hand Tapping
Also known as “hammer-ons from nowhere”. Important technique to play certain lines up to speed.

One Finger Chops
This is a technique that will help you in situations where it may be a challenge playing what you’re hearing because of the position you’re in.

Legato Staccato Independence
Simple exercises to enable you to play legato and staccato simultaneously, especially useful when you’re comping alone and play bass notes and chords simultaneously.